reali learning builds confidence, develops critical thinking, fills gaps in education and helps kids find their passion and ambition.

Ignite Essential Skills Missing At Schools

Critical Thinking, Financial Skills & Street Smarts in 7 to 14 year old
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At Reali, we design experiences in a real life project  like designing a restaurant, a mission to Antarctica, flipping a home, a retail store, a community emergency, a school, or even a circus, and more. 

Students can experience high-level concepts and solve real life problems, while navigating the complexities of team work, collaboration and competition in a safe and nurturing environment.

After their psychometric assessment, they are paired with complementary and adversary personalities in a team.

They showcase to a industry panel “shark tank” for feedback and mentoring.

hear from our parents?

Empowering students early on will equip them to cope with pressure points in school and life much better.

They will become self-driven leaders, potentially capable of generating multiple income streams to stay ahead of inflation and future technologies.

Anxiety is now a serious problem for students in high school and university. We will teach your child to deal with pressure points and manage their time effectively.

By connecting them with their inner purpose — their IKIGAI — they will lead happy and fruitful lives.​


Let's Empower Your Child For The Future

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