where kids are self-empowered to learn

real life skills missing at schools

Enrolling ages 7 to 14 to develop Confidence, Critical Thinking, Teamwork & Collaboration.

CONQUER the challenge

Reali offers real life challenges designed to be ultra fun & exciting, and to develop the skills they need to EXCEL AT SCHOOL & LIFE.

Hear from our future leaders

why is STEM not enough?

The School System was developed in the industrial age to create workers, not Next Gen Leaders.
STEM alone will not prepare your children for the future.

Reali Learning will help your children synthesise STEM knowledge into real life scenarios. Our program will empower your children to excel at both school and in life, and connect with their inner purpose to become successful leaders of the future.

Your child will master . . .

critical Thinking

Kids learn the process to think and solve challenges, then test their solution in a safe place.

Learn by doing

Our real-world complex challenges are designed for fun & engagement to develop as muscle memory

Find meaningful Friendships

Make friends with like-minded future leaders, visionaries, thinkers and entreprenuers from across the World.

reali learning Covers the gaps IN EDUCATION

We empower students with
confidence & Real life skills

Empowering students early on will equip them to cope with pressure points in school and life much better. 

They will become self-driven leaders, potentially capable of generating multiple income streams to stay ahead of inflation and future technologies. 

Anxiety is now a serious problem for students in high school and university. We will teach your child to deal with pressure points and manage their time effectively.

By connecting them with their inner purpose — their IKIGAI — they will lead happy and fruitful lives.

What to expect


hear from our parents?

Why reali?

What is missing?

As a parent of an 11- and 8-year-old, I started this program for my children trying to address some big gaps in our current education system. Our goal is to develop future leaders who are enthralled by complexity and solving for the unknown.

Reali Learning is designed to develop 21st Century Skills as muscle memory. Our play-based, but very challenging program, is designed to cultivate their confidence, strategic thinking and collaborative problem solving skills. 

Over the years I am proud of what our students have achieved. Problem solving & real-life skills are key to preparing a child for their future career and life. 

Reali Learning teaches students to apply the skills they have learned to real world challenges, so they can grow to be successful leaders of tomorrow.  

Our graduates have gone on to approach high school, university and life with vigour, tenacity and enthusiasm.

Excited to welcome you to the future of education.

Santos Jose
Co-founder, Reali Learning



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