minipreneurs vacation club

4 to 15 July, 2022 — Canberra


enquiries call 0413 018 492

Reali Learning is a trusted school extension program that fills the gaps in today’s education curriculum for 7 – 14 year old creative, big thinkers where our Minipreneurs are given the chance to explore their creativity and problem solving skills in areas that will have the greatest impact on all possible futures.

Our Minipreneurs Vacation Club is an daily holiday program from 9am to 4pm that is fun and highly engaging to give kids the feel of developing high-level concepts while navigating the complexities of teamwork, all in our safe environment, where mistakes are seen as opportunities to grow and learn, and professional industry coaches are on hand to provide assistance and guidance.

Working in teams, we will have daily lessons on how to create a minipreneur business in our very own Roblox world. It may be a Restaurant, a Mission to Antarctica, a Theatre, a School, or even a Circus. All up there are 10 lessons per week and at the end the week our Minipreneurs will showcase their BizPlan to a professional industry panel of experts who will provide live feedback, looking at all aspects of their Biz and presentation.


At Reali, we design compelling experiences so students can feel high-level concepts while navigating the complexities of teamwork. Our program will help kids to . . .

  • discover their inner purpose

  • become future leaders

  • develop real life skills

  • learn problem solving

  • grow creativity & ambition

  • use critical thinking

  • build confidence & social skills